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How To Increase Your Traffic, Authority and Engagement

The ONE Tip...


You have this incredibly amazing sales funnel. It’s aesthetically pleasing. And the mechanics are on point. It’s as cute as it’s ever gonna get. You even named it....“cute funnel.”

Awwwwwwn...how ceeuuttte. Isn’t that how us ladies say it?

But what happens when cute funnel is just sitting there being...well you know...uhhhh cute?

Cute. But.no.traffic.

Then, you look across the way and see an ugly funnel getting all the attention. You quickly surmise that ugly funnel’s dad must have money. Or, maybe ugly funnel has a better personality. Or a better car and you wonder if you should’ve gotten the CF model instead of the GF model.

In the meantime...there sits cute funnel, getting no love.

That’s all about to change.

I’m going to share the 1 Tip that is sure to get cute funnel pulling traffic in no time. Oh yeah, baby! Let’s goooo...

The ONE Tip...

Understand that your sales funnel is NOT your marketing funnel. Your sales funnel is only a piece of it.

Let that sink in.

When it does sink in and the dust clears from the doughnuts this ONE Tip just spun around you...then you will realize you’ve got more work to do.

And knowing is what? Half the battle.


So let’s get you thinking about the other parts of your marketing funnel so you can develop a plan.

Look over at ugly funnel and wink like you just figured out his secret sauce. ‘Cause you have.

There’s more to be done. But, what?

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